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Criminal Justice Reform with Judge Ron Rangel

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Judge Rangel began his pursuit of justice after graduating from college as a Child Protective Services case worker. Then, he attended and graduated from law school, worked as a district attorney prosecutor, and as a private practice defense attorney. He has been presiding as a criminal district judge in the 379th judicial district for over 14 years. Today, he explains the requirements to be a judge, the kinds of cases a criminal district judge presides over, and how a judge and jury look at the heart of the defendant – the whole person – before deciding what punishment of the allowed range of punishments will be ordered. The saints and sinners segment of this episode is special because Judge Rangel talks about defendants who tell him how the sentence he issued had impacted them. Finally, prepare your heart and get the tissues out as Judge Rangel describes his thoughts about his legacy. This is an episode you should share with your children and grandchildren.

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